Precisio Slant Tip Tweezers Review

I am all about eyebrows!!! I have resorted to an appointment every week to a salon because, tweezing WAS torture!! I was so excited to try these tweezers by Precisio.


The tweezers arrived quickly and we’re packaged well. They came in an adorable tube that I’m in love with and will keep storing them in. They are black and sturdy. It takes little pressure to lock the ends for a tight grip. I was as able to tweeze even the smallest of hairs that I use to leave for the professionals to handle.

The quality of these tweezers is remarkable and at the price of $14.99 they are a steal.

Product Information

EXPERT BROW SHAPING – Calibrated tension makes removal of the finest hairs easy and will not pinch the skin. Precision tweezers are perfectly angled for the brow bone and are one of the best professional beauty tools you can add to your makeup case.
PERFECTLY ALIGNED HAND FILED TIPS close evenly for smooth, simple and pain free hair removal. All tweezers are inspected to ensure the tips are precisely aligned to grab stubborn hairs. No more ingrown hairs!
ULTRA SHARP TIPS never require re-sharpening. This means slanted Precisio tweezers will last you for life with all the same accuracy and sharpness as the day you purchased them.
FIRST AID AND TICK REMOVAL removes ticks and splinters. Important tool to have in any first aid kit regardless of how basic your kit is. They can be used to remove debris such as glass, dirt or splinters from a wound. Also has a case for sanitary storage.
LIFETIME GUARANTEE means you can try Precisio tweezers risk free. We honor our no hassle lifetime guarantee so if you are not satisfied, contact us and we will give you a full refund or a replacement.

Order here

They offer a lifetime guarantee!!
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