Jumpstart 180 Review

If you are looking for a Low Impact Exercise, if you have had surgery, or are young or old – try this excersise series!

It is a great way to get your body going without over doing it!

Product Description

This is an 8 Week Low Impact Exercise System (created by a doctor of physical therapy) is specifically designed for men and women 50+ who are beginners to exercise. They may also be in pain, recovering from surgery, need to be more active, need to improve their balance, get strong, be more flexible and MUCH MORE! Exercises can be modified to fit your current activity level, or any physical limitation you may have.

This beginner friendly product contains 4 DVDs
-There are 7 different follow along 30 minute exercise routines
-An advanced exercise routine
-A FAQ video of the top 20 question/answers most men and women 50+ ask
-A workbook to track your progress and a calendar to tell you what routines to do on each day!

*product available on AMAZON*

*I recieved this product in exchange for my honest opinion*


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