The real man company Beard Oil Review

My fiancé has a beard. I love it! When it looks scraggly and unhealthy I can’t stand to look at it!

I recently introduced him to beard oil..He looks like a new man! His beard is managable, soft, and healthy looking!


Product Description

You call it facial hair, we call it AWESOMENESS growing from your face, so RESPECT it with a premium blend of Argan, Jojoba and Mornga Oils. This oil will leave your beard soft, knot free and SUPER MANLY. These oils are also dry oils which means they won’t leave your face feeling greasy or looking shiny. The Real Man Company meticulously developed this custom blend of beard conditioning oils formulated to give your face a FIRST CLASS experience every time. Lots of beard oils use filler oils that are a cheap but make up the bottle. Your beard and face deserve the BEST which is why we only use 100% certified organic premium oils in the whole bottle. We strongly believe that with great beard there is great responsibility therefore we will only deliver the best! If you are growing a beard, washing it with just shampoo and conditioner is not enough for it to look and feel good, keep it soft, knot free and avoid fly away hairs. The benefits of Jojoba, Argan and Moringa are widely known-these oils don’t clog pores, moisturize, revitalize, are anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and even anti-ageing!!! Who would have thought a beard oil could give you so much!! We also believe that it is really important to invest in your manliness to make you look and feel great without costing the earth which is why we are offering double the bottle size compared to most beard oils and remember that WHOLE bottle is filled with the premium blend of 100% organic oils. You only need to use a couple of drops a day on your beard to leave it looking and feeling fantastic so this bottle will last a long time. Real Men deserve REALLY awesome products so if you are not 100% satisfied with your beard after using us for 30 days then let us know and we will refund you… no questions asked.

*sample provided for review*
*product available for purchase on AMAZON*


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