Wisdom Beard Oil by Can you handlebar company Review

Product Description

CanYouHandlebar is the first and original Beard Oil Flask. The benefits of a stainless steel flask of beard oils include the ability to pocket-carry your oil wherever you go, never having to worry about broken glass in your dopp kit, and of course the fact that we made the manliest of grooming products even manlier. Wisdom Scented beard oil is built around the warm scent of fresh cut spruce and cedar. It is warm and fresh but definitely masculine. It will remind you of sitting by a fire with a cup of coffee and letting your mind wander. The base oil was designed with excellent ingredients to help your beard look great and maintain its health. The attention to detail extends to the labeling which is both waterproof and oil-proof.

Wisdom Beard Oil, made with olive oil, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, jojoba, argan, vitamin E and essential oils, is blended and bottled by hand.


I have fallen in love with this company! My fiancé has been using the whole kit and this wisdom beard oil.

The packaging is so adorable ( my husband thinks it’s manly) and it has a nice rugged scent. I have noticed a huge difference in the texture of his beard. He is looking less and less of a man from the wilderness and just a sex man with a well taken care of beard!!
*product available for purchase on Amazon*
*sample provided for honest review*


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