Kitchen Supreme French Press Review

I am a coffee addict! I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy a cup of joe!

If you have never used a French press – you are missing out! Get ready for a foamy, smooth, rich and velvety cup of coffee!

You need coarse ground coffee (I ordered some of Amazon)

Product info:

The Kitchen Supreme French Press will help you to obtain a CREAMY, FOAMY, VELVETY and PURE coffee and tea. This is the best Coffee Maker for your delicate mornings. DELIGHT YOUR SENSES starting the morning with the smell of essential oils from coffee beans and tea leaves.

This is what we prepared for you in the pack:
1. The Kitchen Supreme French Press (1.000 ml/34 Oz).

Created from the highest quality materials: Double wall – Borosilicate Glass; This is the only type of glass conceived to resist at thermal shocks, it will hardly crack! /Stainless Steel Punger, Frame and Filer Screens.

2. 4 FILTER Screens: The only Press Pot that comes with 4 Screens System for no more grounds in your pure coffee. One Filter is already assembled and the other three are separately inserted in the pack.

3. 1 Unique SPOON made from thick stainless steel for honey, sugar and desert.

4. 1 Coffee/Tea SCOOP.

5. HARD COPY Instructions and Barista Secrets

✓ The French Press Coffee and Tea Maker with all the gifts come in an Easy to Open Packaging: Amazon Frustration Free Packaging.

✓ BUY WITH CONFIDANCE – RISK FREE! Because WE CARE and we want you to be happy, if something ever happens with your Coffee Press, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs from your side.

VARIETY OF USES: coffee, tea, frothed milk, hot chocolate, fruit infusions, almond milk, cashew milk, plant tinctures & More ! SAVE TIME:This is the best choice for busy people! You will obtain an appetizing cup of coffee or tea in a few moments having only coarse coffee ground or tea leaves and water.

PREMIUM QUALITY, NOTHING LESS: BOROSILICATE GLASS – The strong carafe is constructed from a heat resistant and durable glass to be present at all the special moments with those you love; What’s so special about this Borosilicate Glass? This is the only type of glass conceived to resist at thermal shocks, it will never crack! 4 FILTER SCREENS – The French Coffee Press comes with 4 filter screens for truly pure coffee and tea drinkers who know to appreciate the purity, flavor, consistency and quality; This Tea Infuser has components like STAINLESS STEEL Plunger, Frame and Filters because you deserve the best. The materials (glass and stainless steel) are completely taste-free so nothing comes between your ground coffee beans.

Order here

-a product was sent to me for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion-


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